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  with regard to psychoanalytic theory, a character style marked by stubbornness, both passive and aggressive resistance, and rebellion. These characteristics are thought to result from the anal stage of development, wherein the youth contended themselves by retaining bodily waste. Passive-aggressive personality disorder a personality disorder whose essential features are resistance to the demands of others that is expressed indirectly under the cover of obstructionism, procrastination, stubbornness, dawdling, forgetfulness, and intentional inefficiency combined with negative, defeatist attitudes. Anal retentive psychiatry adjective referring to a person with an anal personality, who, according to classic freudian psychoanalysis, has traits that arose in the anal phase of psychosexual development, in which defecation constituted the primary source of pleasure and retention of faeces is viewed as a manifestation of defiance to a parent figure. The oral aggressive personality is hostile and verbally abusive to others, using mouth-based aggression. Anal fixation, which may be caused by too much punishment during toilet training, has two possible outcomes. The anal retentive personality is stingy, with a compulsive seeking of order and tidiness. Obsessivecompulsive personality disorder (ocpd) is a cluster c personality disorder marked by an excessive need for orderliness, neatness, and perfectionism. Symptoms are usually present by the time a person reaches adulthood, and are visible in a variety of situations. The cause of ocpd is thought to involve a combination of genetic and environmental factors, namely problems with attachment. This learned cause and effect carried on later in life was named anal-retentive - or to stay in the (retain) anal developmental stage. Calling anal retentive anything to do with constipation is a modern misnomer. More accurately described, an anal retentive individual would be one with a character disorder exhibited by tyrannical behavior.   the passive-aggressive house - our history of a passivhaus build. What haunted us was wondering what was different enough about our anal-retentive house to make a screw-up more consequential, whether that meant not meeting the standard, or worse, something that would jeopardize our health or safety. Title passive aggressive author sllebswap characterspairing kinokuni nene and kuga terunori type oneshotdrabble collection (incomplete) genre romancegeneralhumor word count 5317 rating t (contains content not suitable for children) disclaimer shokugeki no souma belongs to tsukuda-san. Summary shes a classic a-type perfectionist, overly fastidious and anal-retentive. A person fixated on the anal stage can become either anal retentive or anal expulsive. I said passive aggressive, not the most outright and obvious harmful thing you could do to a human being. Anyway, my revenge on him was, when he was not in our office, i would go over to his desk. He had this anal-retentive desk with nothing on it, and just a shelf of books lined up on his bookshelf, a letter opener and a pink eraser.

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