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  an abdominal abscess is a pocket of pus located in the abdomen. Extra-anal etiologies that can lead to abscess recurrence include hidradenitis suppurativa, pilonidal abscess (with downward extension), crohns disease, tuberculosis, human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection, perianal actinomycosis, rectal duplication, lymphogranuloma venereum, trauma, foreign bodies, and perforated rectal carcinoma. 1 abscess classification ischioanal abscesses located in ischioanal fat are bordered by the sphincter muscles medially by the levator ani in the cranial aspect, and by the ischial bone laterally. Depending on the location, sometimes these can be differentiated into superficial and deep. Also other objective symptoms of abdominal abscess are tachycardia, high blood pressure. If the abscess is subdiaphragmatic, then among the main symptoms are also present painful sensations in the area of hypochondrium, which can intensify during inspiration and irradiate to the scapula.   an abdominal abscess can be extremely painful and dangerous if not drained properly. Its important to seek medical help if you suspect there is a problem. The abscess is just like any other abscess in the body its a pocket of bacterial pus that can infect the rest of the area if it bursts. Abscesses will typically need to be surgically drained of pus in order for them to heal. 1 abscesses can be drained using open surgery, in which an incision is made in the patients abdominal, pelvic, or anal area and the abscess is drained during the procedure, however, when possible, surgeons will usually try to use a minimally invasive.   what are complications of abdominal abscess? Abscesses can come back after they have been drained. Some studies have shown that as many as 75 to 85 of people needed surgery in the 3 to 7 years after abscess drainage. 2 however, the rate of surgery is not this high in all studies. When the internal infectious inflammation of the tissues, accompanied by their destruction and purulent fusion, is classified as a subdiaphragmatic abscess, this means that the abscess (limited by a pus accumulation capsule) is located in the hypodermic area of the abdominal cavity - in the space between the dividing thoracic and abdominal cavity diaphragm and the upper part of such abdominal. Abdominal surgery an infection spreading from a nearby area there are many ways an infection can spread into the abdomen and cause an abscess to develop. For example, a lung abscess can form after a bacterial infection in your lungs, such as pneumonia, and a burst appendix can spread bacteria within your abdomen.   appendicular abscess is characterized by accumulation of pus in a local pocket following the rupture of the appendix. Even after rupture of the appendix, the pus remains within a pocket near the ruptured appendix. This localization of the abscess after rupture of appendix prevents the immediate spread of infection throughout the abdominal cavity.

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